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Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:23 
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In article <airliners.1994.1663@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Still Searching . . .) writes:
>About 2 weeks ago, I flew ROC -> BOS via LGA.  I flew the USAir Shuttle from
>LGA-BOS.  The inside of the seemed to be nice many years ago when it must
>have been new but the years have taken their toll.  Why is this aircraft
>still the most popular on this route?  Why not switch to a more economical
>Fokker 100 or soemthing during off-peak hours?  

Because that would require two sets of aircraft, two sets of crews, two sets
of parts, etc.  Btw, the USAir shuttle and its aircraft are not owned by USAir.
They are owned by the banks that Donald Trump borrowed the money from.  USAir
has a contract with these banks to operate the shuttle.  So the shuttle
company itself only has one type of aircraft.

The Delta shuttle aircraft and facilities seem to be in better shape than the