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From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:23 
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>About 2 weeks ago, I flew ROC -> BOS via LGA.  I flew the USAir Shuttle from
>LGA-BOS.  The inside of the seemed to be nice many years ago when it must
>have been new but the years have taken their toll.  Why is this aircraft
>still the most popular on this route?  Why not switch to a more economical
>Fokker 100 or soemthing during off-peak hours?  

Never having had the pleasure of flying that route, I don't know what
airplane is being used.  That makes it just slightly more difficult to
comment knowledgeably on your question.  Would you be kind enough to
elaborate a bit?  And include the airplane type?

Since having full control of the facts has never kept me from commenting on
the industry in general or in particular, I thought I'd toss out a couple
of possibilities.  First of all, most Fokker 100s will have to be purchased
new at about $22 Million (US).  A very nice 737-200 Advanced or 727-200
Advanced can be gotten for less than a quarter of that, maybe only ten
percent (depending on gobs of variable like certified gross weight,
avionics, engine type and time, maintenance condition, etc).  That $16
Million saved can by a *lot* of fuel and maintenance.


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