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Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:22 
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[followup drifts into territory.  Cross posted to
r.t.a. with followups to that forum too]

The USAir 727s are special I think.  USAir Shuttle is set apart from the
rest of USAir.  It used to be the Trump (Yech!) Shuttle, and there was
some agreement under which USAir operates the shuttle for Trump, after
the Donald got into financial hot-water.  USAir has an option on the
Shuttle ownership---I don't know if that option has been exercised.

USAir recently made the decision to get rid of the other non-Shuttle
727s in the fleet (I think there are less than ten left).

But I don't think there are any plans to upgrade the USAir Shuttle
727s.  I wonder if USAir can even afford to exercise the ownership
option at the moment, considering it is so close to bankruptcy.
In fact such a bankruptcy might lead to yet another change in
ownership, depending on the state of the USAir/Trump agreements.
Meanwhile the 727 shuttles get nastier and nastier inside.  Must be
two of the least bang-for-the bucks routes in America.


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>About 2 weeks ago, I flew ROC -> BOS via LGA.  I flew the USAir Shuttle from
>LGA-BOS.  The inside of the seemed to be nice many years ago when it must
>have been new but the years have taken their toll.  Why is this aircraft
>still the most popular on this route?  Why not switch to a more economical
>Fokker 100 or soemthing during off-peak hours?