Re: Accident/incident data

From: (Laren Ambrose)
Organization: Computer Sciences Corporation
Date:         30 Oct 94 21:29:42 
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: Can anyone tell me where I can find data on recent aircarft incidents and
: accidents in which human factors was cited as a contributory cause. For
: example, I am interested in statistical summaries that identify the
: percentage of  accidents and incidents atrtributed to "pilot error".
: Reports; books; contacts at Boeing or Airbus; and contacts at the FAA or
: NTSB would be highly appreciated.

I will see what I can do about an FAA contact.  This may take me a bit of 
time.  I am on contract to work on the Airports Division business 
computers, and the Airports Division only gets involved in an 
investigation if there may be a problem with runway lights, signs.

I will pass on your request to other Divisions and pass back any response 
I get.  You might try calling the local FSDO and asking for the 
information under the Freedom of Infomation Act.

Laren Ambrose
Computer Sciences Corp.
Contract to the:  FAA Airports Division, Seattle
(206) 227 2956 (or) (or)
** My comments are from me, not the FAA or CSC **