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From:         Stephen L Nicoud <>
Date:         30 Oct 94 21:29:42 
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   From: ditka!sgiblab!!SSD-HB!gershzohn.gary (B&1&2) (fly boys)

   Can anyone tell me where I can find data on recent aircarft incidents and
   accidents in which human factors was cited as a contributory cause. For
   example, I am interested in statistical summaries that identify the
   percentage of  accidents and incidents atrtributed to "pilot error".
   Reports; books; contacts at Boeing or Airbus; and contacts at the FAA or
   NTSB would be highly appreciated.

What you want can be found in this 41 page report:

    "Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Aircraft Accidents, Worldwide
    Operations, 1959-1993"
    March 1994

This report is published annually by:

    Airplane Safety Engineering (B-210B)
    Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
    P O Box 24346   MS 9U-MA
    Seattle WA 98124-0346   USA

Requests for the report should be sent to that address.

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