Re: Opening a door in flight

From: (Paul Callahan)
Date:         30 Oct 94 21:29:40 
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>According to various references related to the early DC-10 cargo door
>problems, all cabin doors on recent Western jetliners are either plug
>or "semi-plug" design. 

I saw a PBS (Nova ??) on a "new" design, I think the 777.
Where the door did not have to move into the cab. to open.
They spent some time on the show, showing a test to verify
that the door could open under icy and cold conditions.

They said that there was much customer interest in "easy"
to open doors, which did not have to move inside first.
This was memorable, because I thought the inherent safty
of the plug design, would keep it for a long time....

>(Cargo doors are another matter.  The L-1011 uses plug cargo doors,
>but it's the only jet that comes to mind for which this is the case.
>The DC-10 -- and 747 -- certainly do not have plug cargo doors.)

Why not plugs here?  Again, it's easy to argue that they
have better safty, as in the DC-10 reference.  Does anyone
know if this is due to ease, cost, or the fact that more
cargo can be pput next to the door, if you don't have to
leave space to move the door into the cargo area, and then
rotate it?

Paul Callahan