Re: 747 Fuel Capacity

From: (Richard Shevell)
Organization: Stanford University, Dept. of Aero/Astro
Date:         30 Oct 94 21:29:39 
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In article <airliners.1994.1650@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Gale Parchoma) wrote:

> My name is Gale Parchoma and I am a teacher-librarian
> in British Columbia.  a student has asked me to  find
> the fuel capacity for a 747 plane. I do not have that
> information in my collection.  If there is an expert 
> out there who can help, we would both appreciate it.

The 747-400 has a capacity for about 390,000 lb of fuel. It varies slightly
with engine type due to the weight of the engines.  Since the JP-4 jet fuel
usually used weighs 6.55 lb per gallon, this corresponds to 59,542 gallons.
 However, with this much fuel the airplane cannot carry full payload,
limited by the structurally limited maximum airplane weight. Therefore this
much fuel is seldom carried.

Richard Shevell