Re: 747 Fuel Capacity

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         30 Oct 94 21:29:39 
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Gale Parchoma <> wrote:

>My name is Gale Parchoma and I am a teacher-librarian
>in British Columbia.  a student has asked me to  find
>the fuel capacity for a 747 plane. I do not have that
>information in my collection.  If there is an expert 
>out there who can help, we would both appreciate it.

These numbers are for the 747-400:

Center tank             17,164 USG
Inboard mains           25,092 USG
Outboard mains           8,964 USG
Reserve tanks            2,644 USG
Manifold & line            121 USG

Total usable            53,985 USG

Stabilizer fuel (option) 3,300 USG
Total usable            57,285 USG

This is assuming Pratt & Whitney engines.  The drybays vary depending on
the engine type.


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