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Date:         25 Oct 94 10:24:06 
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>On the L-1011 TriStar and the B-727, at least, they have "plug type"
>doors.  They must move IN before they can be opened (I assume all
>jetliner doors work the same way)

According to various references related to the early DC-10 cargo door
problems, all cabin doors on recent Western jetliners are either plug
or "semi-plug" design.  I'm not sure exactly what the latter is
talking about.  In any case, the DC-10 cabin doors are indeed plug

(Cargo doors are another matter.  The L-1011 uses plug cargo doors,
but it's the only jet that comes to mind for which this is the case.
The DC-10 -- and 747 -- certainly do not have plug cargo doors.)

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