surprise engine order

From:         Andrew Chuang <>
Date:         25 Oct 94 10:24:06 
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Earlier, Flight International has reported twice that Singapore Airlines
would lease eight GE90-powered B777 to replace some of their A310s.
However, the news has never been confirmed elsewhere.  It's reported in
Financial Times that SIA is going to order Rolls-Royce Trent for the
B777.  This is a bad news for both Pratt & Whitney and GE.  Obviously,
the recent development difficulties experienced by the GE90 program
certainly did not help.  For P&W, SIA is the largest PW4000 customer
(52 747-400s in service or on firm order, and 17 A310-300s), the order
of Trent engines by SIA is not a good sign for the PW4084 program.
Korean Air is due to make a decision on engines for their B777s, if KAL
orders Rolls, Rolls will catch up with GE and P&W very soon.

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