LG wheel hydraulic drive motors

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Date:         21 Oct 94 13:49:17 
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I saw a paper that had been given at an SAE  A6 meeting  on  the use of
hydraulic motors  to  apply torque though gearboxes to landing gear wheels
and thus move the airplane on the ground.  This would allow maneuvering
the airplane on the ground with only its APU operating to drive a
hydraulic pump.  Have high torque low speed wheel hub or direct drive
motors been considered?  These are widely used for off-the-road vehicles,
etc.  The motors would have to freewheel or be mechanically disconnected
during takeoff and landing.  Very high torque low speed motors would be
required to move a 747 size airplane.   The motors would have to be built
to aerospace standards of light weight and high strength.

Comments?  Ideas?    
                                                             Bill Simpson