Re: unpowered glide ratios

From: (Eric Olesen)
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Date:         14 Oct 94 02:23:34 
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No, that's me over here! ( wrote:
: Wellllll.....I'm certainly no expert on this, but you could use the
: 'Gimli Glider' incident as a guide (for Boeing 767-200s anyway).

: BTW, if you're ever anywhere where Air Canada are flying their 767s, the
: 'Gimli Glider' a/c is tail number 604.  Don't expect them to talk about
: it too much, though (nor Boeing).

Why wouldn't Boeing talk about it? It only proved that even when the 
impossible occurred, the redundancy of physical controls and the Ram Air 
Turbine generator performed as they were intended to in the unlikely 
event of fuel starvation.....  And the airframe survived landing on a 
less than favourable abandoned runway complete with fence posts running 
down the length of it!

Now AC, they should not be talking about it... "Ooops. Screwed up the 
fuel calculations... only put on half the fuel.... Sorry!"  If only they 
hadn't been so insistent on going metric with the B767's when the rest of 
the fleet was still using Imperial measurements.....


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