Re: 737 musings

Date:         14 Oct 94 02:23:34 
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As far as the engines flipping over the wing, if the engine is swinging below 
the wing, isn't there a chance the engine may swing back up into the wing 
before the rear bolts detach?  Incidentally, back to the AA DC-10 crash in 
Chicago, when the enghine detached, I remember hearing that the engine went 
above the wing and sliced through the wing's upper skin, cutting all of the 
redundant hydralics to the elevators.   The elevators retracted which resulted 
in the uncontrolled roll.

Also, as far as the AA 727 that loss an engine over NM; it wasn't just any old 
FOD, it was blue ice from a improperly secured laboratory holding tank door, 
which is located ahead of the intakes.  The aircraft landed in Tucson while I 
was living there; I remeber the passengers saying that the plane shook somewhat 
violently and then stopped shaking.  The crew had no idea that the engine had 
torn completely loose. 

Finally, I know I have seen aircraft fly with one thrust reverser deployed 
(although I assume with engine thrust cut back); its part of the aircraft 
certification process so an accidental reverser deployment need not be fatal.

Anyway, some musings.

Bruce L.

OPinions are mine, and not those of PNL, Battelle, or anyone else."