Re: 737 musings

From: (C. Emory Tate)
Organization: BDM Federal, Inc.
Date:         14 Oct 94 02:23:34 
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Not long ago, PBS repeated a NOVA segment about NTSB air
accident investigations, featuring Deepak and all the crew,
and centering on an investigation of a B737 crash in Panama.

Seems that an HSI failure owing to a wiring fault went
undetected by the crew, at night with no stars over
the boonies.  When the pilot rolled out of a turn, the HSI
stuck, indicating that the a/c wasn't rolling out on the
new heading, so the pilot kept applying opposite yoke.  He
did such a great job that nobody noticed that they had
rolled right 'round the other way... until the HSI unstuck,
and they repeated the process in the other direction...
several times, in fact, until the plane finally rolled
on its back and fell from the sky.

Its final flight path was remarkably similar to that of
US427 (apparent Dutch rolls into an inverted stall and
powered dive), but that's gotta be a coincidence of aerodynamics
and control responses, given that the latter happened in
day VFR, right?

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