reverse thrust in flight

From: (Nitin Gupta)
Organization: Massachvsetts Institvte of Technology
Date:         11 Oct 94 12:53:48 
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a while ago someone asked if activating reverse thrust during flight in  
order to reduce speed was a good idea. on subsonic airframes i assume the  
answer is no since there are control surfaces to trim away speed without  
having to involve the engines.

curiously, the concorde may employ reverse thrust during flight to cut  
speed. because of it's sleek design, it lacks air brakes and other  
conventional control surfaces which could be used for speed trimming.  
instead the two inboard olympus 593 engines reverse thrust while the two  
outer ones are in forward idle. on landing all four reverse thrust as  

Flying Concorde by Brian Calvert (ISBN 1853100277) is an excellent  
presentation of the issues surrounding and practice of supersonic  
commercial flight.

blue skies
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