Re: 777 P&W Failure

From:         C Lowenstein/Product Safety <>
Date:         11 Oct 94 12:53:47 
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In Article <airliners.1994.1611@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Sean Namazi) writes:
>I'd like to know the validity of the reports on the failure of the
>777 P&W engine while being certified for ETOPS.  Can anyone shed
>any light on this?  This supposedly occured sometime last week.

PRATT & WHITNEY'S PW4084 engine should still be approved on schedule
for Boeing 777 early twin engine operations [ETOPS], despite the failure
of two variable vane actuator arms in the engine during flight operations
testing at Pratt's West Palm Beach Florida facility on Sept. 23.
(Aviation Week, 10/3)


This was in Av Week.  I haven't heard anything else on it.
I hope it helps...


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