777 P&W Failure

From:         Stephen L Nicoud <stephen.nicoud@boeing.com>
Date:         11 Oct 94 12:53:47 
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   From: sharam@.cdac.com (Sean Namazi)
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   Date: 29 Sep 94 00:15:37 

   I'd like to know the validity of the reports on the failure of the
   777 P&W engine while being certified for ETOPS.  Can anyone shed
   any light on this?  This supposedly occured sometime last week.

Aviation Daily reported on September 27 that the PW4000 engine suffered
a failure during endurance testing last week.

The engine (P008 - eighth production engine) was 700 cycles into a 3,000
cycle ground-endurance test series to clear the 777/PW4000 combo for
ETOPS (Extended Twin OPerationS).

Ed Crow, a P&W senior VP and chief of PW4000 programs is quoted as
saying  "There was a failure of two variable vane actuator arms" which help
control the movement of variable guide vanes in the engine's compressor.

There could be "two weeks, at worst a month, delay to our 3,000-cycle
ETOPS testing," he said, but noted that it shouldn't affect the overall
777 test or delivery schedule.

The Aviation Daily article gives more details about the failure and
about the demanding testing that is being undertaken in order to achieve

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