New US Air 427 Hypothesis

From: (Scott Wright)
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
Date:         30 Sep 94 02:25:22 
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Scott Wright <> writes:
>As of the time of this posting, I have not heard anyone mention
>the latest area of investigation for the Pittsburgh crash.  CNN
>reported today that investigators are now looking at the possible
>role that wake turbulence might have played in this crash.  This
>is the first time I have heard them mention the issue in the
>news reports.
>(Does anyone know what type of aircraft Flight 427 was following?)

According to the Associated Press, the latest theory was that USAir
427 may have crashed due to wake turbulence from a Delta 727 4.1
miles in front of the 737, perhaps causing a vortex in the vicinity
of US 427.

4.1 miles exceeds the 3 mile limit imposed by the FAA.  However USAir 427
was at 5600 ft while DL 1083 was at 5900 ft.  The FAA requires planes
to be at least 1000 ft vertically from each other.

DL 1083 was a flight from Toronto to Pittsburgh.


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