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>The 737-200 has a history of the aft cone bolt breaking ... I believe
>US Air or maybe Piedmont had one too.

Both did.  Piedmont lost #2 on a 737-200 on takeoff from O'Hare, late
1980s or maybe very early 1990s.  USAir lost one not too long after
that, about ten minutes after departure from Philadelphia.  I believe
the USAir incident was blamed in part on a missing or incorrectly
installed retaining cable.  The only explanation I recall hearing for
the Piedmont incident was that someone put a Pan Am baggage sticker on
the engine.  :-)

On the other hand, the 737-300 (-400 and -500 too) have a completely
different pylon design and I've never heard of them losing an engine.

Finally, several instances of 727s losing #1 or #3 come to mind -- AA
from DFW to SAN near the AZ/NM border and NW over northern Florida.
In both cases, the foreign object damage (FOD) to the engine caused
the separation -- the pylon design prefers detachment of a suddenly
unbalanced engine to destruction of the fuselage.

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