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Date:         19 Sep 94 12:36:23 
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In article <airliners.1994.1602@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Jonathan N. Deitch) writes:

>3) Incorrect air brake deployment.

>Now 3) is fairly straightforward -- left airbrake goes up, right airbrake
>stays down.  This will rather upset the balance.  Left wing goes down,
>right up and a roll to the left.

The 757 has a history of having one spoiler panel deploying on landing
when flaps 20 is selected. The airplane rolls quickly and severely but has
always been controlable.

>2) Partial detachment of the right engine from the wing.

The 737-200 has a history of the aft cone bolt breaking. SW had one at
Love field and there have been several other instances. I believe US Air
or maybe Piedmont had one too. DL had a 737-200 lose (as in fall off) the
right engine on takeoff from DFW. The crew later remarked they thought the
engine had flamed out, so they went through the normal shutdown procedure
and returned to the airport. Only after they returned did they find out
that the engine was laying next to the departure runway.