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From:         musjndx@gsusgi2.gsu.edu (Jonathan N. Deitch)
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Date:         19 Sep 94 01:28:39 
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Some interesting questions and requests for info on the USair 737 :

The NTSB has announced three preliminary scenarios for the crash ...

1) Partial or complete Thrust reverser deployment
2) Partial detachment of the right engine from the wing
3) Incorrect air brake deployment.

Now 3) is fairly straightforward -- left airbrake goes up, right airbrake
stays down.  This will rather upset the balance.  Left wing goes down,
right up and a roll to the left.

2) I'm not sure about ... can an engine partially detach and stay in
operation, much less remain attached to the wing ?

In other words, let's say the rear support strut (NTSB hearing reported
they though the rear support strut came loose) breaks. Engine is now
supported only by the front support and pivots up.  If it's still running,
the thrust is pushing the right wing up instead of forward.

But wouldn't the engine lose its supply connections for fuel, hydraulics,
and whatnot when the rear part breaks loose and it pivots ?

>From what I have heard, both engines were running when it hit, but in 23
seconds it may not have cooled enough if it quit to tell ...

1) I know nothing about ... at tonight's NTSB hearing they mentioned that
each engine has two actuators per side with a third as a locking actuator
on each side.  They said all four (two per engine) locking actuators
were found in the "stow" position.  They also said this means they were
in the stow position.  Of course, they have also found three in the
deploy position.

Considering that anything can happen in a crash, can anyone explain just
how a thrust reverser works ?


- Jonathan
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