Re: US Air crash (flight 427, ORD-PIT)

From: (StevCaisse)
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Date:         19 Sep 94 01:28:35 
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(Karl Swartz) writes:


First, I should say that I always criticize the media for boldly stating
the cause of airliner accidents within hours of the mishap, and I don't
proport to have any answers to last night's crash myself.  Nevertheless,
in this forum, where the participants are generally well versed in
aviation matters, I don't see any harm in constructive speculative

I agree with your observations regarding some similarity between last
night's accident and the UA COS crash. I still personally feel that the
COS accident was attributable to winds, terrain, windshear.  I don't
believe that any of the aformentioned played a role in last night's

 Another United accident comes to mind as having occured under more
similar circumstances: 

On 08 DEC 72 , a UA Boeing 737-222 (N9031U) crashed on approach to MDW. 
The crew allow the airspeed to bleed off to the point that the aircraft
stalled at an altitude too low for recovery as the aircraft was being
slowed and configured for final approach. (45k)

Could it be that flaps, slats or airspeed were factors?  Certainly much
too early to tell, but the CVR tapes should provide some quick insight if
those factors were indeed involved.

Steve Caisse
Atlanta, GA