RE: unpowered glide ratios

From: (No, that's me over here!)
Date:         19 Sep 94 01:28:35 
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Wellllll.....I'm certainly no expert on this, but you could use the
'Gimli Glider' incident as a guide (for Boeing 767-200s anyway).

The aircraft encountered fuel starvation @FL390 and was able to glide
~175 miles fro a position just due south of Red Lake, Ontario to the
former military airfield at Gimli, Manitoba, which is approx 175 statute
miles.  This gives a glide ratio of about 23:1.  It might be a little
better than that since the pilot in command needed to locate the runway
and then sideslipped the aircraft to lose altitude while on final (you
know, in a glider I guess it isn't 'final', it's 'only').

I suspect the 757 would have a similar value, since the wing section
is, I believe, similar.  I 'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

BTW, if you're ever anywhere where Air Canada are flying their 767s, the
'Gimli Glider' a/c is tail number 604.  Don't expect them to talk about
it too much, though (nor Boeing).