Re: Low wing turbo-prop

From:         Tassio Andrade Carvalho <carvalho@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         19 Sep 94 01:28:34 
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< (Ian Urquhart)> writes:
>It looks like an 
>Embraer and my guess is that it is a new generation version of the Bandit,
>the affectionate name for the Bandierante given to the plane by my first 
>instructor who went off to fly for UEx. 

   The new version of the Bandeirante was supposed to be a shortened
EMB-120 with the engines on the tail and the blades mounted behind
it (pushers). At first it was named CBA-123, then Vector. This airplane
would satisfy the regulations for 20+ pax commuters even though it
seated only 19.
   It was a gross marketing miscalculation, and as far as I know Embraer 
stopped after the first prototype. I followed the vibration tests
on this prototype and used some of the data in my senior thesis.
   I don't know whether the prototype is still flying, and I've heard
that Embraer's next product is a 45pax jet to compete against the RJ
from Canadair.