757 vs. 767 lavs

From:         Jon Wright <jwright@halcyon.com>
Date:         16 Sep 94 04:30:21 
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Something that I have always wondered...

My understanding of the 757 and 767 is that they were designed to share
as many components as possible.  Why then does the 767 have the suction-
powered lavs yet the 757 has a more conventional model?

And speaking of the 767, the only configuration I have flown in was 2-3-2.
Does the increased cargo payload really justify the extra girth?  
Intuitively, it seems like a 16% increase in passenger capacity wouldn't 
be worth the expense of the larger cross section.

Ob777:  I was at the Museum Of Flight in Seattle a couple weeks ago
when a 777 (in company livery) took off from Boeing Field.  I was 
standing by the fence separating the museum grounds from the tarmac and
was about a quarter of the way down the runway (31L).  It was an amazingly 
quiet takeoff roll and climb.  About the same time, a 727 from Sea-Tac 
(several miles south of Boeing Field) passed overhead on its climb.  At 
whatever altitude it was at, from the ground it was louder than the 777 
was at point-blank range.  Amazing!

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