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From:         tam@rigel.dfrf.nasa.gov (Trindel Maine)
Organization: NASA Dryden, Edwards, Cal.
Date:         16 Sep 94 04:30:20 
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        The F-15 HIDEC (Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control)
        program completed its flight research at NASA Dryden in the fall
        of 1993.  The flight research conducted during the last two years
        included 2 principal programs; (1)Performance Seeking Control (PSC);
        an adaptive, real-time, on-board optimization of engine, inlet,
        and horizontal tail position on the F-15, and (2), Propulsion
        Controlled Aircraft (PCA); an augmented flight control system
        developed for landings as well as up-and-away flight that used
        only engine thrust (flight controls locked) for flight control.
        The results of these flight research programs are documented in
        an electronic workshop available to anyone with World Wide Web (WWW)
        access. An overview of the entire F-15 flight research program is
        also presented.  The 'on-line' feature of the workshop continues
        through Sept. 30. During this on-line time, the authors will respond
        to questions and comments. After Sept. 30, the workshop, including
        questions and responses, will be available as an archived workshop
        accessible through the Dryden WWW home page and as a compact disk.
        Questions and comments are encouraged. 

        The URL address through the NASA Dryden home page is:


        On the home page, find the heading 'Information Systems at Dryden
        Flight Research Center' click on 'Electronic Workshops and
        Conferences'. (This route has the advantage that you can also
        browse the airplane pictures under the 'Photo Server Archive').
        Then under the heading 'Currently Open DRFC Electronic Workshops'
        click on 'HIDEC Workshop' and you are there.

        The direct URL address for the workshop is:


        For information about this electronic conference or for general
        information about electronic conferences contact: 
        Sheryll Powers (HIDEC conference chair),
        phone:  (805)-258-3703; FAX:  (805)-258-2842;
        e-mail:  Sheryll_Powers@qmgate.dfrf.nasa.gov
        or Lee Duke, phone (805)-258-3802; FAX (805)-258-3744;  
        e-mail:  duke@louie.dfrf.nasa.gov 

   While the flight research presented in this electronic conference was
   done on an F-15 I am posting this announcement in sci.aeronautics.airliners
   because the the Propulsion Controlled Aircraft experiment was conceived
   as a result of the almost successful landing of a DC-10 using the
   throttles for control in the Sioux City crash. The intent was to 
   develop an independent  backup control capability.  With MDA, we will be
   evaluating a similar system on an MD-11 in about a year and a half. 

                                                Trindel Maine