US Air crash (flight 427, ORD-PIT)

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Date:         09 Sep 94 02:12:05 
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US Air flight 427 from Chicago (O'Hare) to Pittsburgh crashed about 8
miles short of the Pittsburgh airport at 705p local time this evening
(Thursday).  It apparently rolled and went down nose first, into a
wooded ravine near Alliquippa, north of the airport.  That part sounds
very much like UA 585 in Colorado Springs on March 3, 1991, though in
this case the weather was clear and there were reports of an explosion
(from the descriptions it might have been a compressor stall) prior to
the plane departing from its normal flight path.

Also like UA 585, there wasn't much left that one would recognize as
being part of an aircraft.  All 126 passengers (only 2 empty seats)
and 5 crew were believed to have been killed.

The aircraft appears to have been a 737-3B7, delivered in October,
1987.  The CVR and FDR were recovered more or less intact.

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