Steels used in jet engine bearings

From:         Eric Bartsch <>
Date:         09 Sep 94 02:12:05 
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  I have a rather obscure question which hopefully will be read by someone
at P&W or GE. I have been doing research on the growth of cracks in jet
engine roller-bearings and have found that the material used in the older
bearings (AISI 52100 steel) is apparently not currently widely available.
I was wondering if anyone knows a) if there is some hidden source for 52100
I haven't yet found (I've been searching for about 1.5 months) b) if there
is a different alloy that is now used in its place, or c) the actual
suppliers used for these bearings (i.e. Timken, etc...) Any information anyone
has would be greatly appreciated. 

  -Eric Bartsch

(I realize that this isn't quite on the charter of sci.aeronautics.airliners
but this group seems to have the best odds for being read by someone with
relevant expertise)