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From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         08 Sep 94 11:33:26 
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	Speaking of tight seat pitches, I was on a Merpati F-28 flight 
from Bandung to Surabaya that had the seats pitched so tight that I 
couldn't sit with my knees together - I had to sit with them spread 
pretty wide and they were still jammed into the seat ahead of me.  I'm 
5'10" with average torso and leg length and I have never seen seats this 
tight.  Additionally, the foam in the seat cushion was shot and I was 
basically sitting on the seat pan - I could feel the edges of the pan 
cutting into my thighs.  Thankfully it was a fairly short flight.

	On the "stealth" 777 - I have now seen it fly over on landing 
approach three times and have only heard it once.  On the other hand, I 
was inside a hangar right next to the runway when #2 made its first 
flight and I definitely heard that!

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