Re: New Boeing 737-800 anouncement

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Date:         08 Sep 94 11:33:26 
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Terry Drinkard writes:
>Actually, the 737 is already rated for 120 minute ETOPS.  The US Air Force
>flys 737-200s from the mainland to Hawaii for navigator training.

Do you mean the 737 is rated for *180* minute ETOPS, or does the USAF
ignore pesky rules such as this?  Mainland to Hawaii is just barely
within the 180 minute rules.

>I've actually seen the model for a version of 737 maritime surveillance,
>and we have actually sold some.  Seems like we did an upgrade to their
>onboard electronics here recently.

That's the -200 with the side-looking airborne multi-mission radar
(SLAMMR)?  I had forgotten about those.  The Indonesian Air Force has
(or had) three of them.  I have no idea who else may have bought 'em,
in particular, I've never seen any references to USAF or USN versions.

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