Re: New Boeing 737-800 anouncement

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         08 Sep 94 11:33:26 
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Robert Ashcroft <rna@leland.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
>>[announcement of 737-800 seating 187 passengers]

>187 passengers?  What?
>Sounds a little on the high side to me.  Anyone got additional info?
>I'd expect about 20 passengers fewer.

Actually, the standard inclusive tour arrangement is for 184, though I have
seen as high as 189 (you can pretty much get whatever you are willing to
pay for, you know).

>Otherwise you may as well call it a 757 and be done with it.  

Oh no.  A 757 is a significantly larger airplane.  Heck, it carries 201 in
a standard dual class configuration (overwing exits, 194 if four door
model) and 231 in the standard inclusive tour arrangement (nominal 30" seat

>How long
>before the ETOPS transAtlantic 737 rolls out?  

Actually, the 737 is already rated for 120 minute ETOPS.  The US Air Force
flys 737-200s from the mainland to Hawaii for navigator training.

>And then the ultra-long
>range 737 for those NYC-Tokyo non-stops, 

Can't do that yet.  Not enough gross weight capability.

>the 737 AWACS 

I've actually seen the model for a version of 737 maritime surveillance,
and we have actually sold some.  Seems like we did an upgrade to their
onboard electronics here recently.

>and the 737
>Presidential Command center

We have sold at least one 737 VIP for a head of state.  I can't recall
which one offhand.

>leading finally to the 737 Space Shuttle
>replacement, 737 air superiority fighter, and the 737 Stealth bomber.

I've seen a model of an "armed" version, but I think it was only a torpedo.
No space shuttle replacement plans that I'm aware of, nor any bomber

>One plane to rule them all...

Lovely thought, that.  :-)  The 737 has proven to be a remarkably versatile
platform.  Interestingly enough, when it was first announced, we Boeing,
felt that the market might be as large as 700 airplanes.  :-)  Also
interesting is that in a company that was filled with strong egos, no one
has ever really taken credit for the 737 design.  It has always been the
step-child of the product line, for reasons that I'll never really


"Anyone who thinks they can hold the company responsible for what I say has
more lawyers than sense."