Re: New Boeing 737-800 anouncement

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Date:         08 Sep 94 11:33:26 
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Robert Ashcroft writes:
>Is the 737 going to end up longer than the 707, or is it already?

Maximum lengths in feet from AW&ST:

    707-320B	152.9
    737-400	119.6
    737-800	128.8 (computed from -400 length)
    757-200	155.3
    DC-8-61	187.4

Looks like the 737 will still need a lot of steroids to out-stretch
the 707 (or 757).

>Also, someone raised the question of the 737 needing higher main
>gears to allow the tail to clear.  Is this part of the new wing?

I haven't seen anything about this, but the 737-400 already a tail
skid because of the length and minimal clearance.  The -800 could
manage with the same main gear if the entire stretch (vs. the -400)
is ahead of the wing, but I'd guess the new will will come with a
new set of mains that are a bit more generous.  With better ground
support these days, the need for the squat stance is reduced anyway.

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