Re: A/C Hydraulic Tube Pinhole Leaks (from Bill Simpson)

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Date:         01 Sep 94 01:14:47 
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I personally have found:

1. Intergranular corrosion in 5052 alloy tubing (my fuel pressure the cabin!)
2. Dissimilar metal corrosion at the fitting faying surfaces (in those
weird Brit fittings on the BAC 1-11).
3. Fatigue failures at fittings (nonstandard high pressure line material,
though...BRASS !)

Electrostatic discharge in flexible Teflon hose with steel overbraid has
been successfully prevented by including conductive carbon black in the
formulation...that's why Aeroquip and Stratoflex teflon hoses are black in
color (the teflon inner, that is...)

Your pal in aerocyberspace,

Bill McCune