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From: (TriStar500)
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Date:         31 Aug 94 14:59:36 
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In article <airliners.1994.1549@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Rich Benzinger) writes:

>I recently noticed an ad for United Airlines (a propos of their employees'
>buyout) that depicted several hundred United workers standing around
>and atop a 747...
>The picture set me to wondering:  was the effect matted together in a

Take a good look at that picture and you'll see that it's actually a
pretty poor cut and paste job. The same people sitting on the left wing
can be found sitting on the horz. stab. You'll also see the same people
scattered throughout the picture. Also, the people standing on aft end of
the fuselage hump have 'flat' feet. They all look like they're standing on
a flat surface even though they're standing on a curve.

I doubt it was done in a darkroom, I'm guessing Adobe Photoshop.

>or is a 747 really able to withstand that amount of weight on its wings
>and airframe without damage?

I would think as long as no one is standing on a composite it would cause
any trouble.