Re: Flight Over South Pole

Date:         31 Aug 94 14:59:35 
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There is a Canadian Company called Adventure Network International
(or something like that) who fly a DC6 from Chile to Antarctica.
Their base is on an icefield in the Patriot Hills area. As the name
suggests they transport explorers to the Antarctic and then to various 
sites within the continent itself. They fly single engined planes within
the continent and do visit the South Pole. See Michael Palins 'Pole to Pole'
video or Sir Ranulp Fiennes book 'Mind over matter'.  

As far as I know Adventure Network International are the only company
regularly flying in the frozen continent and as all other flights are 
military/government I guess they are the nearest to an airline there.

There was a feature about this company in the Pilot magazine a few 
months back (around March).