Re: Flight Over South-Pole? Maps?

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Date:         31 Aug 94 02:17:24 
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>Is there any Airline which fly exactly (+/- 50km) over (theoretical)
>South Pole?

>If no, why they don't or can't fly over South Pole?

There's no reason why they *couldn't* do so, though one might worry
about boundary conditions in navigation software.  I recall reading
that one MD-11, during the certification tests, spent several weeks
based in Alaska flying around and over the North Pole, making sure
nothing went wierd when all directions became south.

I'd expect there would be no reason why someone couldn't fly over the
South Pole as well.  Just the same, I'm not aware of any flights that
substantially cross any part of Antarctica.  Why?  Probably because
there's no reason to go that way -- with so much of the Southern
Hemisphere being water, there aren't any interesting great circle
routes that take you over, er, under the pole.

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