Royal Air Maroc Crash

From:         Peter Ladkin <>
Date:         31 Aug 94 02:17:24 
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.... of an ATR 42 earlier this week was a suicide, or rather a
murder-suicide. International Herald Tribune Fri Aug 26, lead story.
The CVR and FDR were examined by the French authorities.

` Examination of the plane's "black box" recorders showed that the
pilot [...] had disconnected the automatic pilot and directed the
aircraft towards the ground. [..] "It was horrific for the poor woman
copilot who tried to talk him out of it". [..] A veteran pilot said
that the widely scattered debris could be explained by the plane
coming apart in the air. [..] "This looks fairly unique." said David
Learmount [safety editor of Flight International] "It is certainly
unique in modern airline history." '