Re: Smoke/Fire Escape Hoods

From: (Richard Hyde)
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Date:         31 Aug 94 02:17:23 
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Based on David Lednicer's posting, I bought an Evac-U8 Emergency
Escape Smoke Hood. ($59.95) from

	Safety First Products, Inc.
	2033 6th Ave, Suite 211
	Seattle, WA  98121

The same hood is available for $69.95 from: 

 Preferred Living  (A division of Sporty's Pilot Shop)
 (800) 543-8633    (catalog available)

A different style hood with what appears to be the same filter
technology can be had from:

 The Safety Zone  (Retail supplier of home safety gadgets)
 (800) 999-3030   (catalog availible)

$59.95 for the hood and $14.95 for a nylon pouch to keep it in.


As David mentioned, the Evac-U8 is about the size of a pop can.
The entire hood is transparent and is constructed of DuPont Kapton
reportedly good up to 1500 F.  The filter is in the end of the
"can" and has a mouthpiece that you breath through.  The effect
is like wearing a large orange bag over your head with your
tongue stuck in a bright green soda can.
Warranted for a five year shelf life.

The other "Emergency Escape Mask" comes in a flat pouch.  It is
made of an opaque flame-resistant latex with a transparent 
heat resistant visor.  The filter elements are built into
the mask as flat panels on either side of the nose area.
Warranted for a four year shelf life.

I chose the Evac-U8 over the "Emergency Escape Mask" because
of the greater visibility the former appears to provide.  The
"Emergency Escape Mask" might be a better deal where storage
is a critical issue.

I'm going to the annual International Fire Chiefs convention
tomorrow. (no, I'm not in the fire service :-).  If I can
find additional information on the technology, I'll send it along.



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