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>Apparently, 35 Concordes were manufactured, but today only 7 are in service. 
>What happened to the others? The answer, according to my colleague, is that 
>the remaining 7 are the cannibalised reincarnations of the original 35.

According to my references, 4 prototypes and 16 production models were
produced, a total of 20.  An even split (2 prototypes and 8 production)
were assembled by BAC and Aerospatiale.

The four prototypes are on display, at Le Bourget (Paris) Yeovilton
(Somerset), Duxford, and Orly (Paris).  The first two production
models are stored at Toulouse and Filton, respectively.  Air France
and British Airways each list seven aircraft in their fleets, which
accounts for the remaining 14 production aircraft.

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