Re: safest airframes ?

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         21 Aug 94 15:35:09 
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> Correct.  Neither the 757 nor Concorde have crashed. ... 

Yesterday, I was at a meeting in a software house in London where I met 
someone whose sister works on a rather interesting database. 

Apparently, 35 Concordes were manufactured, but today only 7 are in service. 
What happened to the others? The answer, according to my colleague, is that 
the remaining 7 are the cannibalised reincarnations of the original 35. 

Every nut, bolt and washer must be traceable through all its moves between 
the various serials, and all their failures, inspections and repairs recorded. 
His sister works on the database which records all the parts and their 
movements. Apparently, it is *enormous* and requires the dedicated power of 
two large mainframes. 

If anyone has any further information about this, I would be interested. 

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