Re: Cabin lights dimmed during finals at night

From: (Babu Srinivasan)
Organization: Kubota Pacific Computer
Date:         21 Aug 94 15:35:09 
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    Martin> Earlier this year I flew with a small airline, and the
    Martin> Chief Stewardess DID know why is is done.  Basically, when
    Martin> the cabin lights are dimmed at night, it lets the
    Martin> passengers' eyes get used to the dark.  If there were to
    Martin> be a crash whilst landing, with the lights full on, the
    Martin> sudden darkness (if power failed totally) would leave
    Martin> people groping in the dark.  A few minutes of dimmed
    Martin> lighting prepares the eyes to see in the dark, and
    Martin> passengers could see their way out much better.

Make sense. But the stewardess also tells you that if you want to
continue reading you can turn on the reading light. If the lights are
dimmed for safety reasons, then we wouldn't be given the option of
turning the reading light on, would we?

Babu Srinivasan