Engine makers: 6. Product list

From:         Andrew Chuang <chuanga@iia.org>
Date:         11 Aug 94 02:18:16 
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Here is a summary list of large-jet engines currently in production, in
wide-usage, or to be produced:

Engine         Application(commercial only)     Nomenclature remarks
======         ============================     ====================
JT8D           B727,B737,DC-9
JT8D-209/17/19 MD80 series
JT9D           B747,B767,A300,A310,DC-10
PW2037/40      B757                             PWabxx
PW2337         Il-96M                           where
PW4056         B747-400                         "a" is either 2 or 4
PW4050/60/4256 B767-200/300                     "b" is the airframe company
PW415x         A300,A310                            0/2 - Boeing  1 - Airbus
PW4458/60      MD11                                   3 - Ilyushin  4 - MD
PW4168         A330                             "xx" is thrust in K lb
PW4084         B777

V2500-A1       A320                             V25xx-yz
V25xx-A5       A320/321/319                     where "xx" is thrust in K lb
V2525/2528-D5  MD90                                       except for V2500-A1
V2530-W5       B727 reengineing (not launched)  "y" is A (Airbus), D (MD), W ?
                                                "z" 1 or 5 ??

CF6-6          DC-10-10
CF6-45/50      DC-10-15/30,B747-200,A300,A310
CF6-80A        B767,A310 
CF6-80C2B1/B1F B747-300/-400
CF6-80C2B2/BxF B767-200/300
CF6-80C2A1/5   A300-600/R
CF6-80C2A2/3/8 A310-200/300
CF6-80C2D1F    MD11
CF6-80E1A2     A330                             GE90-xxB where "xx" is thrust
GE90-75B/85B   B777A/B                          in K lb, B for Boeing(?)

CFM56-2        DC-8-70 series
CFM56-3B/C     B737-300/400/500
CFM56-5A       A320/A321
CFM56-5B       A321/A319
CFM56-5C       A340
CFM56-7        B737-600/700/800

Tay 650        Fokker 70/100, B727 reengineing
RB211-22/524D  L1011
RB211-535C2/E4 B757,Tu-204
RB211-524G/H   B747-400,B767-300                TRENTaxx
TRENT768/772   A330                             where "a" is 7 or 8
TRENT875/890   B777                             "xx" is thrust in K lb

BR 715         MD95 (not launched)