Engine makers: 1. Introduction

From:         Andrew Chuang <chuanga@iia.org>
Date:         11 Aug 94 02:18:15 
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In the Western large commercial aircraft business, there are three major
airframe manufacturers and three major engine manufacturers.  While many
people are familiar with the Boeing, Airbus, and MD products, less people
are familiar with GE's, P&W's, and R-R's lines of commercial engines.  (In
terms of market share, France's government-owned SNECMA should be considered
as a major engine manufacturer, but all SNECMA commercial engines are at
least 50% GE-designed.)

Other than the airframe itself, the powerplant is the largest, most
"brand-identifiable" object on an airplane.  For a new airplane, the engines
account for approximately 15-30% of the total investment.  In the old days,
each aircraft type had a sole engine supplier, hence, it was not necessary
to distinguish various engines.  Today, the B737 and A340 (as well as the
MD80 and MD90, if you insist) are the only large jetliners in production that
do not offer options on engine manufacturer.

Here's an introduction of the large engine manufacturers for the
less-informed.  Minimal technical information is included (mostly in the
Rolls-Royce section, and they are fairly superficial).  Brief lists of
all the major engines and some of the important customers are included.  For
the well-informed, there is probably not much new information here,
nonetheless, your comments and corrections are welcome.

All of the information in the article are from publicly available sources,
such as:

    Aviation Week & Space Technologies,
    Flight International,
    Air Transport World, and

The article is rather long (~380 lines), so I split it up into six parts,
and this is Part One.  If the reader is not sure whether s/he is interested
in the topic, one may read Part Four (Rolls-Royce) next before deciding.  I
hope some of you may find it interesting.

Lastly, the disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are personally mine,
they do not reflect the opinions of my previous or current employers.
(WARNING: You'll see many many parentheses because I tend to ramble a bit.
Also, please pardon my English, since it is not my mother tongue.  I hope my
English is not as bad as Hong Kong's pronunciation of the alphabet "z"
/zee-ZED/, i.e., Chinglish with some British and American flavo(u)rs! ;-)
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