Four Boeing 727s at Hagerstown (?) Airport

From: (Steve Williams)
Organization: Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Date:         11 Aug 94 02:18:15 
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I was driving south on I-81 in Maryland, near the Virginia state line
when I passed what appears to be a small airport.  I glanced over to
see what aircrafts were there, and to my surprise I saw what appeared
to be Boeing 727 tails behind a building.

I decided to exit at Showater Road (sp?) and drive over to see if those 
planes were 727s.  Sure enough, there were five 727s, four in Pan Am
colors and one in beautiful Eastern colors.  The airlines' names have
been removed.  The numbers are:

   Pan Am 727s:  N390PA   #390  I found it strange that these four 727s
		 N391PA   #391  with numbers in consecutive order
		 N392PA   #392
		 N393PA   #393

   Eastern 727:   #869 (I couldn't see its Nxxxxx number since it was
		       parked behind the Pan Am 727s, and I could only
		       see number 869 on its nose.)

The Pan Am 727s looked like they've been sitting there for years from
the stain streaks running down on the fuselages.  As for the Eastern 727,
because of its polished skin (no paint other than the two stripes), 
it was hard to tell if it also has been sitting there as long as the 
Pan Am 727s.

Does anyone know why the 727s are at this airport, and what will happen
to them?

 Steve Williams