Re: Airplane Crash in S. Korea?

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Victor W. Cheng <> wrote:
>A friend of mine told me this morning a plane from
>the Korean Airline crashed in Island Keejo, South
>Korea, yesterday, due to a strong typhoon. Is this
>news true?

Yep, a Korean Air Lines A330-622R operating a flight from Seoul
to Cheju Island (that's the spelling I've seen) crashed Wednesday
morning, Korean time.  All 152 passengers and 8 crew survived.
None were admitted to the hospital, though seven passengers and
the co-pilot were treated at a hospital for minor injuries.

Apparently the plane was caught by sudden wind gusts from Typhoon
Doug as it was touching down on the wet runway.  It skidded off
the runway (probably overran the end) and its right wing hit a
fence and caught fire.  The aircraft came to rest about 100 yards
from the water.  Only the tail and nose remained intact.

An interesting note is that one report claimed the aircraft touched
down late and tried to take off again.  Chances are it bounced,
possibly aided by a wind gust, but the description sounds very much
like the early descriptions of LH 2904, the A320 that crashed at
Warsaw last year.

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