Re: Non-plug cabin doors

From: (Dave Baran)
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Date:         11 Aug 94 02:18:14 
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>On a recent TV show profiling the B-777, I noticed that Boeing is no longer
>using plug-type doors in the cabin. Does anyone know how they guarantee
>that a passenger cannot open it in flight or that the ground crew cannot
>open it on the ground if the aircraft is pressurized?

I'm not sure that the 777 is the first Boeing product to use something
other than the plug door.  The 757s of Northwest and US Air lack 
over-wing exits; instead, they have a (emergency only) door just behind
the wing.    From the safety instruction card, it appears that
the opening procedure is to pull the handle up and push outwards.

Does anyone know the history of this? (or how they keep kids from
opening it in flight?)

-- Dave