Re: Non-plug cabin doors

Organization: Concordia University
Date:         11 Aug 94 02:18:14 
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In article <airliners.1994.1489@ohare.Chicago.COM>, ditka!sgiblab!!SSD-HB!gershzohn.gary (B&1&2) (fly boys) writes...
>On a recent TV show profiling the B-777, I noticed that Boeing is no longer
>using plug-type doors in the cabin. Does anyone know how they guarantee
>that a passenger cannot open it in flight or that the ground crew cannot
>open it on the ground if the aircraft is pressurized?

	I am not sure about how it is guaranteed that *anybody* doesn't
open a door during flight (although I am sure in the 1990s Boeing
has come up with something) but as for ground crew, there is a small red
ribbon which is snapped across the window (or something similar) when a
door is `armed'.  Under normal circumstances, no one is to open the door
until it has been unarmed (and the ribbon taken away).  This is why we
hear "Flight attendents prepare doors and cross check": so that people 
don't forget and send an evactuation slide bursting open when it is not
an emergency.