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Date:         11 Aug 94 02:18:14 
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In article <airliners.1994.1489@ohare.Chicago.COM>,!SSD-HB!gershzohn.gary (B&1&2) (fly boys) writes:

>On a recent TV show profiling the B-777, I noticed that Boeing is no
>longer using plug-type doors in the cabin. Does anyone know how they
>guarantee that a passenger cannot open it in flight or that the ground
>crew cannot open it on the ground if the aircraft is pressurized?

Airbus products and the Concorde have outward opening doors just like the
777 has. These doors are excellent. They can be opened with one hand
unlike Boeing's plug doors, which require lots of muscle. The 757 door is
particulary bad, that door slide is very heavy.

Don't know exactly how they keep the door from opening when pressurized,
but I haven't heard of anyone being ejected from an airplane with one of
these doors either.

Getting rid of those hard to close and open, hard to maintain,
over-engineered plug doors is a good move on Boeing's part.