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Date:         01 Aug 94 23:49:37 
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>  I was wondering if anyone has information on the service ceiling of
>any of the 767 variants.

According to a chart in a Boeing 757/767 brochure I have, the initial
cruise altitude of the 757 at low gross weight is 42,000 ft.  The 767
(both -200 and -300) is 42,000 to 43,000 -- it's a graph, not hard
numbers, and I can't tell for sure.  Near the maximum TOW, initial
cruise is about 35,000 ft.

Higher alititude generally means better cruise performance, with the
limiting factor being cabin pressurization and not aerodynamics or
engines, so I'd guess the top cruise altitude is close to or equal to
the service ceiling.  (With oxygen for the pilots, I suspect either
aircraft is capable of significantly higher altitudes.)

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