Re: Lead to Boeing 777 Simulations?

From:         Alwyn Peter Allan <>
Organization: University of Virginia
Date:         01 Aug 94 23:49:36 
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Dr Richard J. Reid <> wrote:
>Do you have a lead to any information about the simulations
>used in the design of the B777?
>Now that it's here, maybe I could get some interesting information to
>pass on in our (also on NTU) simulation class this fall.

Working with NASA Lewis, I just got the Stability & Control document
for a DC-9 from McDonald Douglas. This was a difficult feat because
the document was M-D Classified, even though the work was done in the
early sixties. NASA Lewis even owns an experimental DC-9!

Good Luck!

PS. I'd share the document (its OK'ed by M-D) but it is about 800
pages of hand-drawn graphs, and one more photocopy would not be